# Pagy::Console


Allows you to test Pagy in an irb with an environment stubbed for you:

Standard pagination requires a: controller, model, view and request object to work i.e. you need an environment. Pagy::Console gives you that environment.

require 'pagy/console'
include Pagy::Console
pagy_extras :array, :metadata, ...

### then you can use it like inside an app
pagy, items = pagy_array((1..1000).to_a, page: 3)
=> "<nav class=\"pagy-nav pagination\" role=\"navigation\" aria-label=\"pager\"><span class=\"page prev\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=2&items=20\"   rel=\"prev\" aria-label=\"previous\">&lsaquo;&nbsp;Prev</a></span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=1&items=20\"   >1</a></span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=2&items=20\"   rel=\"prev\" >2</a></span> <span class=\"page active\">3</span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=4&items=20\"   rel=\"next\" >4</a></span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=5&items=20\"   >5</a></span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=6&items=20\"   >6</a></span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=7&items=20\"   >7</a></span> <span class=\"page gap\">&hellip;</span> <span class=\"page\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=50&items=20\"   >50</a></span> <span class=\"page next\"><a href=\"http://www.example.com/subdir?page=4&items=20\"   rel=\"next\" aria-label=\"next\">Next&nbsp;&rsaquo;</a></span></nav>"

{ :scaffold_url => "http://www.example.com/subdir?page=__pagy_page__",
  :first_url    => "http://www.example.com/subdir?page=1",
  :prev_url     => "http://www.example.com/subdir?page=2",
  :page_url     => "http://www.example.com/subdir?page=3",
  :next_url     => "http://www.example.com/subdir?page=4",
  :last_url     => "http://www.example.com/subdir?page=50",
  :count        => 1000,
  :page         => 3,
  :items        => 20,
  :vars         =>
  { :page   => 3,
    :items  => 20,
    :outset => 0,
    :size   => [1, 4, 4, 1],

Now, refer to the instructions in the irb tab.

# Pagy::Console module

The pagy console uses the standalone extra and sets the Pagy::DEFAULT[:url] variable default to "http://www.example.com/subdir" in order to activate the standalone mode.

Include the module in your console window in order to include also the Pagy::Backend and Pagy::Frontend modules.

Simple utility method to save some typing in the console. It will require the extras arguments. For example:

pagy_extras :array, :bootstrap, :support, :headers, ...

You will be able to use any frontend or backend method implemented by pagy and the required extras right away.