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Elasticsearch Rails Extra

Paginate ElasticsearchRails::Results objects efficiently avoiding expensive object-wrapping and without overriding.


See extras for general usage info.

In the pagy.rb initializer:

require 'pagy/extras/elasticsearch_rails'

In a controller:

def search
  @pagy, @articles = pagy_elasticsearch_rails(Article.search(params[:q]).records, items: 10)

  render action: "index"

# independently paginate some other collections as usual
@pagy_b, @records = pagy(some_scope, ...)


This extra is composed of 1 file:


This extra adds the pagy_elasticsearch_rails method to the Pagy::Backend to be used in place (or in parallel) of the pagy method when you have to paginate a ElasticsearchRails::Results object. It also adds a pagy_elasticsearch_rails_get_variables sub-method, used for easy customization of variables by overriding.

Notice: there is no pagy_elasticsearch_rails_get_items method to override, since the items are fetched directly by Elasticsearch Rails.

pagy_elasticsearch_rails(Model.search(…), vars=nil)

This method is the same as the generic pagy method, but specialized for Elasticsearch Rails. (see the pagy doc)


This sub-method is the same as the pagy_get_vars sub-method, but it is called only by the pagy_elasticsearch_rails method. (see the pagy_get_vars doc).