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Searchkick Extra

Paginate Searchkick::Results objects efficiently avoiding expensive oject-wrapping and without overriding.

The Searchkick::Results object has already done pagination calculations, we just need to tell Pagy how to read page and total values. It is expected that you let Searchkick handle the page and per_page variables instead of providing those values as options to Pagy.


See extras for general usage info.

In the pagy.rb initializer:

require 'pagy/extras/searchkick'

In a controller:

@pagy_s, @models = pagy_searchkick(
      where: {
      fields: [...],
      select: [...],
      load: true,
      page: params[:page],
      per_page: 25

# independently paginate some other collections as usual
@pagy_b, @records = pagy(some_scope, ...)


This extra is composed of 1 file:


This extra adds the pagy_searchkick method to the Pagy::Backend to be used in place (or in parallel) of the pagy method when you have to paginate a Searchkick::Results object. It also adds a pagy_searchkick_get_variables sub-method, used for easy customization of variables by overriding.

Notice: there is no pagy_searchkick_get_items method to override, since the items are fetched directly by Searchkick.

pagy_searchkick(Model.search(…), vars=nil)

This method is the same as the generic pagy method, but specialized for Searchkick. (see the pagy doc)


This sub-method is the same as the pagy_get_vars sub-method, but it is called only by the pagy_searchkick method. (see the pagy_get_vars doc).