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UIkit Extra

This extra adds nav helpers and templates for the UIkit pagination component.


See extras for general usage info.

In the pagy.rb initializer:

require 'pagy/extras/uikit'

Render the navigation links in some view… with a fast helper:

<%== pagy_uikit_nav(@pagy) %>

or with a template:

<%== render partial: 'pagy/uikit_nav', locals: {pagy: @pagy} %>



This extra adds nav helper to the Pagy::Frontend module. You can customize it by direct overriding in your own view helper.


This method is the same as the pagy_nav, but customized for UIkit.

The uikit_nav.* templates produce the same output, and can be used as an easier (but slower) starting point to override it. See Using Templates.

pagy_uikit_nav_js(pagy, …)

See the Javascript Navs documentation

pagy_uikit_combo_nav_js(pagy, …)

See the Javascript Combo Navs documentation.

Here is an example: